Kylin Prime Family Office understands that businesses are like families, they are meant to survive from generation to generation. We also understand that in businesses and families alike, certain values, norms, ideals and commitments are meant to be transferred from generation to generation.

We believe that to ensure the success of family-owned business is passed on from generation to generation that a structured and easily understood governance code must be in place. It is possible to institute a Family Constitution as a way to bind family members together in a way that will promote the success of all. This allows you to set the framework and be the architect on the code that will guide your family and business for decades.

Family Businesses are just as unique as the families that own them. In order to account for this a wide range of set-ups can be utilized for decision making bodies:

  • Shareholders

  • Board of Directors

  • Family council

  • Management Committee

  • The main goals of this decision-making body are too:

  • Ensure proper communication

  • Manage & avoid future conflicts

  • Maintain confidentiality

  • Implement, execute operational structure that ensure the continuality of the business in the manner desired

Kylin Prime Family Office understands the uniqueness of each family and their businesses. We will ensure that the proper set up is achieved to best fit your long-term goals. We will be here for generations to come, ensuring that we will be the one constant in the lives your children and theirs.

Join Kylin Prime Family Office to allow us to walk along side your family on their journey.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can ensure the success of your family business for generations to come.

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