Kylin Prime Family Office is committed to one of your most important assets, your health.

Your Healthcare Planned:

We will utilize the latest in smart phone and medical technology to keep track of your health. We can provide custom fitness plans that range from planning your diet to keeping you in top condition. We will alert you when you are due for a checkup, mammogram, blood test, or any other medical exam that will ensure you maintain top health.

National Healthcare/Relocation:

If you are relocating abroad or thinking of doing so, we can explain, in easy to understand terms, the healthcare system of your destination. We will provide a detailed report on how your healthcare plan will be impacted by the move and how best to proceed. Additionally, we can provide assistance for short-term moves and arrange for immigration related medical appointments.

Protection of your Records:

We will maintain a secure copy of your medical records in-house. This will enable access to your records 24/7. We understand that emergencies will arise and when they do so you will need access to your records immediately; a service we can provide.

Physician/Specialist Appointments:

No matter where you are, we can find a suitable General Practitioner or specialists to meet your needs. Not only will we find a suitable match but will also take care of the booking and paperwork. You will have peace of mind that when you arrive, everything will be ready, saving you valuable time.

Supplemental Insurance:

We understand the need to properly guard against health risk above and beyond what may be available from a national scheme. We can offer a large variety of supplemental policies to meet your needs. We can also provide health insurance coverage while traveling regardless of destination. Types of Supplemental Insurance can include: dental, vision, short-term disability, critical-illness and travel, among others.

Cancer and Disease:

When your life gets impacted by cancer or disease we stand by your side. We can help get a 2nd opinion, set up treatments, provide counseling to name a few. We will help educate you on your treatment options and provide a list of the world’s best treatment providers. We have expert knowledge in the latest radiotherapy and proton therapy treatment options. We also understand that no one goes through this stage alone; we will assist your loved ones with any of their needs whether that is counselling or helping to re-locate to be closer to loved ones during this time.

Alternative Medicine:

If it's alternative medical treatment that you would like to receive then we can assist with that. We have extensive knowledge of traditional Asian medical practices and can help find the treatment for you.

Special Care:

If you care to seek out specialist advice on matters such as reproductive health, mental health or anything else then we can assist you with taking the first steps in that journey.


If you are interested in seeking enhancement procedures such as plastic surgery, dental veneers or anything else to make yourself the best version of you, then we are here to guide you all the way.

Honorary Family Members (Pets):

We understand that pets are also family. We will provide assistance in assuring that they are well looked after at home and abroad. We will advise on how best to travel with your pet and how to navigate the complex procedures of moving them across borders. No matter the type, dog, cat, or other; their needs will be our priority.

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